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The Latest Residential Real Estate Market Report for Cherry Creek North


Helping you paint the picture and make sense of your local real estate market trends:

Cherry Creek North experienced an increase in value capital appreciation, and an increase in the volume of sales in 2015. However, homes did stay on the market for a longer period of time when compared to the same period in 2014.

There could be several factors that contribute to that slower turnover, but accurate sales price valuations is usually the reason homes lag a bit in a robust market. Take a quick look at this short video that provides a good explanation of Cherry Creek North home sales during 2016:   (Please Click on Image Below for Market Update Video)


Liv Micro Market Report

Denver Residential Real Estate 2015 Year-End Market Report

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Liv Sotheby’s International Realty 2015 Year-End Market Report:

Metropolitan Denver experienced another exceptional rise in property values. One interesting aspect of the data was the sharp rise in the value of attached properties. However, detached homes also realized an impressive increase in value.

There are many factors that have contributed to the rise in metro Denver home values, but the most prominent contributors appear to be an increase in population, otherwise referred to as “net migration.”  However, high demand and low inventories of homes remains the primary reason for the rise in residential housing values.

Most forecasts for 2016 home values predict that this trend will continue.  The prevailing belief is that 2016 home values will continue to increase, but they will increase at a bit of a decreasing rate from the previous year.

Please read the Liv Sotheby’s International Realty market report by clicking on the following image:

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Additional Medical Technology

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I’m excited and often awestruck by the current rapid advances in medical technology. I have added an exciting video below for those who have not yet become knowledgeable about the advancing science of CRISPR. Please take a few minutes to watch this when you have some free time.

On my last news post I gave a shout-out to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC) at the Anschutz Medical Campus. The physicians and scientist working there are saving lives and changing the world of medicine. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with many of the talented staff at the UCHSC, and I find them to be universally professional and compassionate.

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The UCHSC has achieved national acclaim from many sources, including an article published in US World and News Report, which the hospital was nationally ranked as 11th in 40 adult medical specialties, and is regionally ranked as the number 1 in Colorado and number 1 in Denver as the best hospital and medical research center. This is impressive, and a genuine asset to the metro Denver area.

I have confidently given personal referrals to friends and family to Peter Butrick, MD, the Division Head of the Cardiology Department at the UCHSC, and to many of the incredibly talented staff of physicians in that department. Additionally, Mark Nehler, MD, a professor and surgeon at the UCHSC has been a trusted medical advisor for myself and so many others in Denver for numerious years. Finally, Bennie Lindeque, MD, Ph.D, the orthopedic oncology surgeon who treated my stepson, Spenser is a world renowned physician who practices medicine at the UCHSC.

I would love to give specific testimonials to many more physicians and scientists at the UCHSC, and I will comment on each one of them in future news posts, but time and space requires that I include them in appropriate future posts.

As promised, please enjoy the talk below for a detailed description of CRISPR:

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Medicine and Technology

Exciting Advances in Medical Technology

My Medical Experiences in 2015:

Health 1   I would personally define 2015 as a year of medical experiences. It started with my pet cat, Bacchus. I found him lying lifeless on the floor at approximately 1:00 am. I held him for a moment and I quickly discovered that he was experiencing complete paralysis. I called out to my husband and said: “We need to take Bacchus to the clinic now,”

Once at the veterinary hospital he was administered a series of medical tests, including ultrasound,  blood tests, physical exams, and more. Unfortunately no definitive diagnosis was given to me that night. As the days passed he did experience enough improvement that I was able to take him home. However, after a series of travels to the emergency room at the veterinary hospital, it became apparent that he was not going to recover and live a full and healthy life.  The end result was the extremely hard decision to euthanize him, which, as all pet owners know, is a very emotionally painful experience.

Later in the year my husband received a call from my stepson, Spenser, who was serving in the Peace Corps in Ecuador, and he was told he was going to be medevaced back to the United States for medical reasons. Once Spenser arrived in Denver he was quickly scheduled to undergo a series of medical tests at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC) at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Fortunately Spenser’s medical issues were corrected, and thus his prognosis is excellient.

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I’ve had the incredible good fortune to work with many of the UCHSC physicians when they purchased or sold their homes. But going through the process of Spenser’s diagnosis and treatment was my first glimpse into their complex world of medicine. I was so very impressed with the professional care he received, and I had the opportunity to witness many of the extraordinary and ever evolving technologies that are part of the medical diagnosis and treatment process.

I did devote some time to research current means of medical sciences during the year. My internet searches for these medical procedures, and the time I spent reading related medical documents, was never meant to second guess the knowledge and skills of the professionals at these medical institutions, but rather to simply better understand the makeup of the disease and the proposed treatments. I wanted to understand the medical vocabulary of the physicians, clinicians, and the staff at the hospitals.

The learning process I experienced was expansive, and very interesting. I learned about many of the new advances in medical technology; but moreover, I gained an understanding of how complex the medical field is now, and how much more complex it will become in the future.  Therefore, knowing that metro Denver has one of the largest and most prestigious health care campuses globally at the UCHSC is very comforting.

Kind Regards,

Kathy Staiano