Thank you for your kind words

Kathy Staiano is a pleasure to work with and was instrumental in helping us to find our new home.  She is professional, knowledgeable, patient, and dependable.  As we were relocating from the East coast and unfamiliar with the area, we relied on her expert advice regarding neighborhoods, trends in home prices, inspectors, contractors- anything and everything!  Additionally, she was easily accessible and available to be our “local eyes and ears” during our house hunting from afar.  We recommend her highly and without reservation!

Connie Hess, M.D.

Physician, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

We are very fortunate to have Kathy Staiano as our real estate agent for more than 12 years and can’t say enough good things about her. We met Kathy during our attempt to sell our downtown condo, which wasn’t selling. As soon as Kathy got our property under her wings things immediately changed for the best. Her masterful job of pricing, staging, ensuring top-notch photos and marketing drove a lot of traffic to our open house. Kathy’s knowledge of the psychology of potential buyers and the ability to negotiate resulted in selling our condo for a very aggressive asking price in a short period of time. As soon as our condo was sold Kathy immediately started working on finding us a new home. It seemed Kathy was working 24 hours a day, trying to find us a home that would fit our needs. She was incredibly patient with us, showing us home after home. Kathy was always on time; she always responded to our emails and phone calls as soon as possible, even after long days of work. She managed to find us a dream home and finalized the purchase quickly. Kathy treats people for whom she is finding a new home like a loving mother, who is incredibly kind, caring and wise. She will listen to your concerns and with her incredible knowledge of the real estate market will be able to find the home of your dreams that will fit your budget. Kathy is personable, honest, has a vast level of experience and she is relentless in working towards helping clients reach their goals. Kathy is a creative problem solver. She is very good and efficient in addressing inevitable issues that can surface during any sale and purchase. Kathy is a real pro, who leaves nothing to chance. After three real estate deals with Kathy she continues to impress us as a real estate agent and a beautiful human being. She is one of the best Denver real estate agents and we highly recommend Kathy Staiano.

Yelena and John Eller

Engineer, Father, Mother, ME Group

With Kathy’s help we are now happy and satisfied homeowners in Denver, CO. We were new to Colorado and looking to buy a home during an incredibly busy time of year.  Kathy spent countless hours showing us the various Denver neighborhoods, giving us wonderful advice, and assisting in navigating a very challenging market for buyers. We were so happy with her that we referred her to our parents!

Thanks, Kathy, for welcoming us to Denver, and helping us make CO home.

Emily and Fred DeSimone

Financial Advisor, Engineer

Jeff has assisted me with the purchase of my current home, and the sale of my previous home. I trust in his experience and knowledge of the real estate process. He has extensive experience with financial issues, so knowing that my purchase will result in a good investment is a significant amplification to also finding a home that achieves my lifestyle wants and needs. His achievements in the real estate industry are numerous and impressive. I fully endorse Jeff Bernard and recommend him to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home, and with any work related commercial real estate transaction.

Marilee Langhoff, Esq

Attorney at Law

Marilee Langhoff, Esq

Attorney at Law, Langhoff Law, PC

As the saying goes:,“You don’t know, what you don’t know.”  My husband and I have worked with Kathy for over 15 years on six different properties and I can’t imagine doing anything in residential real estate without consulting with her first.  Her knowledge about the market and her counsel has been invaluable in assessing the right opportunities to pursue, and just as importantly the ones to forego.  Kathy has worked with us on the purchase and sale of our primary residences, mountain home, investment properties and my family’s home after my mother’s death.  She is superbly talented in balancing the stress in these transactions, which are our most significant financial investments, with the emotion that sometimes accompanies major life changes prompting a move.  Plus, her attention to detail and unrelenting representation of our best interests makes the entire process between contract and closing as easy as possible.  Most people don’t have the opportunity to work with a Realtor as often as we have with Kathy.  It’s the benefit of this experience with her, and unfortunate experiences with other real estate agents before her, that have cemented our trust in Kathy as a real estate professional and valued member of our financial team.

Paula Tiernan

Owner, Peri Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.


Tom and I wanted to send you a note thanking you for a wonderful job helping us find our ideal home in Colorado.  You were provided to us via Tom’s SIRVA relocation company and right away you called us and wanted to schedule some time to get to know us, find out more about who were were, what we wanted and how much work we were willing to put into a house. We really appreciated you doing that with us.

We were extremely lucky that we found our dream home on our second showing!  That was pretty unexpected for the three of us, but really exciting.

In addition, you were really on top of deadlines and paperwork, which was really helpful as we had SIRVA relocation paperwork to manage as well.

It was truly a pleasure working with you on finding our home. Thank you for the lovely gift you gave us at closing too. We will definitely recommend you to future friends who are looking to buy in Denver.

Thanks again for all your help and support.

Paloma and Tom Carrington

Kathy was such a fantastic resource when we were moving from the East Coast to Denver! She understood the market and gave great advice about how to time our house-hunting trip and manage the process long-distance. When we found a few houses we liked, but were worried they would be sold before our visit, she previewed them and then provided a detailed and accurate assessment of each one. We were nervous about not acting quickly on the one we loved, so she used her relationship with the sellers’ agent to negotiate an offer contingent on our seeing the property a few days later. She was right in her description of the house, down to the minute detail, and pulled off a contract that suited everyone’s needs under complicated circumstances. She held our hand long-distance through all the steps and was a delight to work with. We still pinch ourselves that we got the house we wanted, despite a crazy market and thousands of miles! Thank you, Kathy!

Katharine Tull

Marketing Consultant

My wife and I are new transplants to Denver from New England. Kathy came highly recommended by the staff at the UC hospital and our experience through the whole process has been nothing short of amazing!

We visited Denver prior to moving and Kathy spent an entire day with us driving around neighborhoods and couching our expectations of real estate in the Denver area in terms of what was available and what money could buy in different areas.

When we began the purchase process, she was flexible with our eccentric work schedules and was supremely patient as we whittled down lists of prospects. She spent many full days with us to go to properties and learned our likes/dislikes along the way. In all this time, it was clear to us that she loves her work and truly believes that the right house for her clients is the definition of success!

The home we ended up buying had an issue that required us to get quotes but we were not in town. Kathy went above and beyond her calling to make the calls and get us the information because she is knowledgeable and knew that the home was right for us in spite of the issue we were facing. We would not have been in the running without her commitment to our needs.

We learned something unique about the Denver real estate market. If you are new or unfamiliar, you need an agent to not just show properties. They need to be familiar with the process of bidding, inspecting, and mortgages and also have a keen eye to determine if the price is an appropriate value. We can say without equivocation that Kathy is just such a person. The fact that she makes the process fun is just another awesome benefit and we are happy to call her our friend now and highly recommend her to anyone who needs a top-notch real estate expert!

Diwaker Ramanathan and Minakshi Biswas, MD

Engineer and Physician

Contact Me:

“I have had the great opportunity to work with Kathy and Jeff for many years. Both Kathy’s and Jeff’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the real estate world was a major deciding factor in choosing to work with her on several of my properties. She understands the market very well and has helped us find the perfect property each time over the past 20 years. Kathy and Jeff are the best in the industry.”

Alex Valderrama, Owner

Cranium Studio

Denver, CO

Alex Valderrama

CEO, Cranium Studio, LLC

It gives me great pleasure to share my total happiness of Kathy Staiano and her customer-focused service with anyone reading this. Every situation is different of course but perhaps mine might have truly shown her abilities. I was living overseas, in Brazil, at the time I decided to purchase an investment property in Denver, a city in which I had lived for considerable time before. Dealing long-distance might not necessarily be difficult but from where I was, even simple things were a challenge. But Kathy worked hard to overcome each and every one and after a quick market visit, we narrowed-down the choices and closed on a condo. Less than one year later, I wanted a second property though not necessarily in the same area. But the value of the first unit had grown so much and all the reasons that it fit my needs then still applied and I wound up with another unit. Again, as in the first case, things from such a distance were not always easy. For example the concept of Notary Public does not exist. Once again Kathy dealt with everything as if I were next door and the closing went perfectly. Both units were rented quickly, the newest one within 10 days and the rental fee, after expenses, is slightly cash-positive. The true value will come from the sale of the properties eventually and the growth is exactly as Kathy predicted. More than her expertise and market knowledge however, is that she is simply wonderful with whom to deal. Always happy, always giving her full attention to individual wants and needs, punctual and prepared. Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t say such things; I don’t want to have to fight for her time for my next purchase because, inevitably, anyone who selects her as their realtor agent will want to monopolize her time too! I’m pleased and proud to recommend her without hesitation.

Jim Seifert

Media Executive

As a young couple looking to buy our first house together, and needing to stay within a set budget, we could not be happier we ended up with Kathy. She took the time to really figure out what we were looking for in a house and neighborhood.

With her guidance we found ourselves with a much better idea of what suited us, and ended up with a house we absolutely love. She was always responsive, insightful, and truly a calming presence during what can be a stressful time. For two people without much experience in real estate, Kathy was a blessing.

Julia Patterson